People 's Opinions On Transgender People Essay

2019 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
As time goes on more and more pressing social issues are having a light shone on them, allowing once silence voices to finally be heard. However, because these voices are seemingly new (even though in most cases these voices have been around for centuries), not everyone is able to understand or agree with what these voices believe. Hence, the substance within these voices becomes controversial. Homosexuality, abuse in the porn industry, and abortion are some of the numerous “voices” that are being debated and discussed constantly. Another hot topic right now is transgender people. People’s opinions and beliefs on this topic vary greatly, which is why I am interested in pursuing research in it. What are people’s opinions on transgender people? Do people understand what it means when someone says they are transgender? How do cisgender people identify with transgender people? I hypothesize that the majority of interviewees will have a positive outlook on transgender people and believe that within the following decade the topic of transgenderism will evolve to the point where it will be accepted to a greater extent than it is now.
First, what does the term “transgender” mean? Transgender is a term used to describe people who differ between their gender identity and their biological sex (Transgender FAQ). Gender identity is how one identifies with being a man or a woman internally (Transgender FAQ). Whether one feels like a man or a woman is due to one’s own gender identity.…

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