People With Seasonal Affective Disorder Essay

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Do you suffer from any of the following: When the dark days of a cold winter approach, do you feel slowed down. Do you have trouble waking up during the winter months? Are you tempted to snack a lot more on holiday foods, and even if you try dieting you still find the pounds keep on piling on? Or do you find it hard to focus throughout your day, struggling with relationships, or really depressed?
If you are victim to one of, or many of these questions, you might be one of millions of people with the disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD for short). One of the more interesting facts is that 5 percent of the northern U.S. and European population would be diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, mostly attributing with the changing of the seasons. This disorder can actually cause a great deal of stress and difficulties on the body, both at work and in your own social life. While only 5% of people could be diagnosed with this disorder, many more people show a lot of the same symptoms as the SAD population. Though these people are not severe enough to be labeled with this disorder or seek medical attention, they still feel less cheerful, energetic, and productive during the dark, winter months.
This research paper is designed to cover most of the topics pertaining to SAD, which people need to know about. There are many different researches out there, and I intend to cover the most basic ideas, and theories behind this northern phenomenon. Whether you are reading this…

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