People with Learning Disability Essay

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To make sure that people with learning difficulties are able to live in their flats independently and not go through any abuse, there are various strategies to help them such as:
Protection of Vulnerable Adults scheme (POVA)

The Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) scheme was July 2004 was introduced to protect vulnerable adults such as people with learning disability who are aged 18 years and over in care settings. Employers or managers are required to check the POVA list when employing workers, carers or volunteers who are in regular contact with vulnerable adults. They also have a responsibility to refer care workers to the POVA list if they have harmed vulnerable adults in their care. When an individual's name is placed on the
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We can also find the areas where they need help and support and plan appropriate levels of support to improve the service users' lives. Their needs are assessed to monitor if they are improving or getting worse. If the service user's needs are not considered or met properly then abuse such as physical, financial, psychological abuse, etc can occur intentionally or unintentionally, which can deteriorate the health of the service user. When assessing the needs of the service users, it is important to identify the vulnerability of the service user so that further steps can be taken to avoid any risk of potential abuse. In this way, needs assessment is vital when care planning for service users.

Oral/Written/Electronic communication

Communication is an important way of minimising any potential abuse. Effective communication with service users and others involved in their care is essential. We are able to find out their needs and problems if we are able to communicate with them effectively. The information of the service user must only be given to people who need to know about the service user. It should be kept safe and confidential from other people and prevent any risk of harm or danger. For example, keeping information in computers with passwords, etc.

Working in partnership with service users

It is important that care professionals work in partnership with service users so that they can gain trust

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