Living In Poverty In The Unites States

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The people that are not poor should support for strong but do not have to owe money for nothing needs. I can give them want to be life something about getting a money of the five dollars wants to buy for foods make hungry being to poverty. That’s remembered recently on Facebook show for video of the people is homeless because feel to wanna my sadly and crying is make to my heart a video that happen. They do not have a home, car, job and families being to lose is a poverty only consists of not having an own thing from enough money. It 's a waste time to get a job being to lost say government away is give being to homeless things same of the story happening with Americans in the Unites States include has a problem are an effect. Some most people …show more content…
The article is parker a reading our opposition poor and rich of the world from poverty make ideas of the story including. The people are poor being to state of the world happening never give them things to do help for us support with children. We are having to make a difference is a judgment of the government some for money must ask the business is work for jobs. Sometimes has happened people always feel like a poor to children able to accept to give some money and foods. They have felt never to get a job to work with people is the problem being to a state for us support in help. We need to share people give you money and some foods because people have poor always enough money to get properly. Do not have things from foods, new house, clothes, shoes, check to health from the doctor, looking found to work for job and etc. That is a happening felt as poor being should ask for government except to give you make feelings life better. Also need to go education for children being to learn more teaching at school make feel proud with parents to enjoy more than nothing to do feel their is being

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