People Should Vote Yes On This Legislation Essay

1330 Words Oct 30th, 2016 6 Pages
From understanding all the background information from various non-profit leaders to elected officials, our understanding on proposition 57 is that people should vote yes on this legislation. We want proposition 57 to pass because this can pave way for new reform in the social justice system for juveniles who have committed a non-violent crime. These children should have a second chance and not have to live in prison for the rest of their lives for not committing the crime. These children committed the crime when their brains were not developed fully or they have no social support to stop gang or violent activities. Los Angeles County should create more programs like GRYD to create community engagement to educating families on gangs prevention, gang intervention and violence interruption. The county can create education groups in vulnerable neighborhoods to prevent future gang related activities from happening and giving children a safe environment to grow up in. Programs such as ARC, GRYD and c/Hope should continue doing their great work in helping bridge the gap between prison and reentry into society. These programs successfully rehabilitate those who want to improve their lives after reentering into the world through a different perspective then before they entered prison. How can these juvenile become pleased in a safe place with ARC housing facilities so that recidivism does not happen. In addition, having mentors in organizations such as ARC and…

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