People Should Care For Elderly Homeless People Essay

1310 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
There are homeless people all over the world, when you’re driving down the street you see some elderly man or woman holding up a sign. On that sign it says “ help wanted” or “anything helps”. I myself hate seeing signs like that, most of the time i’ll help them out but when i do it effects me cause i’m giving my things away whether it’s money or food, sometimes i’ll just turn my head and look away. Then as you drive away you feel guilty knowing you could’ve helped someone out. Yupe that’s me, and i know that’s you too! Why do you think people should care for elderly homeless people? Elderly homeless people and homeless people affect the world in their own way. Homelessness is evolving into a national and international crisis. Within developed countries, homeless rates are now believed to approximate 1% of most urban populations. In addition to this substantial increase, the face of homelessness has changed from single adult male alcoholics to adolescents, single mothers, underemployed people, elderly people and recent immigrants. a large proportion of homeless people are children. Raising children in a shelter or on the streets predicts lifelong problems and places these children at high risk for homelessness as adults.4,5 In addition, young adolescents who find themselves on the street quickly become part of the street culture of violence, sexual exploitation and addiction (Turnbull). Care for elderly homeless people. The most notable difference between older and…

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