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X University is a private educational institution with an aim to be a leading educational institution. The dedicated management were focused, and working hard towards achieving the goals. A human resources director joint the University, which had a major impact on the performance of individual employees, and the whole organization.
A lot of employees resigned, departments were ineffective, number of applying students was decreasing significantly and overall morale was fading, in addition to reputation has been significantly affected.
“The better
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3- Discussion and Analysis

As there is a large diversity of employees, discrimination, and harassment issues were clearly observed in several areas, such as salaries, benefits, promotions and training/development.

Nationality is a main aspect of discrimination as the favored were the white Americans, then the Europeans then comes all other nationalities by different levels. This was noted in salaries, attending conferences/workshops, development/training, and also was obvious in the way of treatment.

Faculty and Staff is another aspect, as the management believed that the faculty are the main ground of the University as it is an Educational organization and faculty are the people who run the show; where the staff are doing a custom job anybody can do it, and it can be easily replaced.

Nationals and Expats discrimination was also observed even in the way of treatment and behavior

Location discrimination was also observed between Dubai campus, and Fujairah campus employees and students; as Dubai is a core city, and it’s campus is more publicized than the other branch.

For the above mentioned points unsatisfied environment was created, which had a negative impact on the mission and overall goals of the University.

Several kinds of discrimination existed: 1- Direct Discrimination 2- Associative Discrimination 3- Perceptive Discrimination

Several reasons fertilized the environment for discrimination: 1- Focus on profit

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