People For Sale By E. Benjamin Skinner About Human Trafficking

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People repeat themselves not History
While we take a look at the article written by E. Benjamin Skinner about “People for Sale.” One would pause in the second paragraph and think to themselves, wait is this author really telling me how to buy a slave? As the individual would read on, one would realize yes that is exactly what he is saying. Although this article is four years of research, Skinners trying to get the point across that, “today there are more slaves than any time in human history” (“People for Sale”). Human Trafficking not only affects the victims, but also the people around them. Their captors and pimps treat victims of human Trafficking as anything but human. Human Sex Trafficking is a crime that exploits women, men and children that are often paid little to no money for the work or services they do. The slave trade today is a billion dollar industry where innocent people are being traded in the world tax-free. While people fancy the cliché “that history repeats its self,” they’re incorrect. We have seen in our history it’s the people that tend to repeat themselves. For as long as we have seen, people have been exploiting other people for there own personal gain.
As Skinner is telling us about his encounter with the gentlemen in Haiti, named Benavil Lebhom. He begins to explain how the conversation unfolded. The children that Benavil was trying to sell were children “from desperately impoverished rural parents with promises of free schooling and a better life”…

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