People Fear And Young Kids Essay

1013 Words Aug 30th, 2015 5 Pages
A 16-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital on a Friday night in February, instead of her enjoying an evening with friends after a basketball game at school she is being rushed to a nearby hospital where later she would be pronounced dead. According to the MCSO they shooter was aiming towards a vehicle that the victim was in due to another person inside of the vehicle yelling gang slang out the window towards the shooter. It was later discovered this tragic incident was caused by rival “party crews”, ( Hendley, 2015) from being in high school once I recall party crews were about partying not shooting up each other. Violence tends to be an immediate reaction by someone who feels disrespected or dissed as the streets call it while standing up for their “crew” they are from. In the latter will take a look at how groups, posses, organizations evolve to become gangs that people fear and young kids want to be. Remember in high school or even middle school when you and four of your friends all would wear your all white T-shirts and call yourselves “the freshest fo”. Many of us have common interest that is sports, political views, religion, apparel likes, etc…. With similar interest many people form a group who feel strongly about their beliefs and those that don’t are looked down upon and even physically harmed. Those beliefs become so strong they want to intimidate others into going along with them or put fear in them to steer clear of them. In order to become more powerful…

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