People Are Too Dependent on Computers Essay

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People are too dependent on computers

Gerardo Duran

Professor Daniel Jones

Strayer University

Computers have revolutions the world as seen it. Economy relies on the e-commerce transactions to make business and increase profits. But, people have been affected as well; society relies on computer technology in every level. With the integration of the internet, the dependency on computers has increased dramatically. What is the result of the side effect of having computerized our
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Besides, about 95% of large businesses use a computerized network to produce services of products. Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce websites. When customers log into a secured server, he/she can choose from books to electronics and order items in seconds, internet makes this process possible. Yet, there is a small percent of small business that will not use technology for their benefit; small stores or new businesses still use obsolete techniques such as manual inventory system including employees “counting” each product being sold. However, there is no perfect technology, and many people do not trust computer for one reason, “Hackers.” A hacker is someone who accesses a computer system without authorization. The problem is that people depend on computers to carry on with important transactions; credit card or other type of personal information. Hackers can infiltrate in a computer network (e-commerce website) and get access to customer’s bank account and for hence steal or access top secret information (army) In addition, a “hardcore” hacker can start the transmission overseas undetected and avoid top security controls. Although there is no perfect system, customers can rely on important secured server with encryption codes that would take years in order to “crack” the system. The main functions of telephones were focused on communication. Nowadays,

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