People Are Born Gay? Essay

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People Are Born Gay
Over the last decade views on homosexuality have changed dramatically. Ten years ago, the majority of people believed that homosexuality was a choice. While studies were conducted, there was no concrete evidence to argue otherwise. Recently, due to scientific evidence and more people willing to stand up for themselves, the acceptance of the fact that homosexuality is not a choice emerged. There are numerous articles and essays written that provide scientific evidence that homosexuals are “born that way.” Speaking from experience, there is one main factor that has the leading role in determining sexuality, nature (biological); thus, homosexual is not a choice; rather, the way the person was born.
Discussion of Findings In the past decade views on homosexuality have changed dramatically. Starting with Vermont in early 2000, being the first state to legalize civil unions between two men or two women. More recently, since 2008, more than 43 efforts to help homosexuals receive the same rights as heterosexuals have been made. Just a few months ago, in June, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the same right to marry as heterosexuals. One of the first and most significant studies conducted in 2005 looks at possible genetic factors that may play a role in determining sexuality. According to Brad Knickerbocker, a well-known journalist, "US public opinion about gays has changed drastically in recent decades on the issues of marriage…

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