People And Poor People, Sick And Healthy People Essays

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There are rich people and poor people, sick and healthy people. There are rich countries and poor countries. Some kind of inequality of status, wealth, health and power has been characteristic of the society we have come to know. Whether you like it or not, realize it or not or even care to admit to it, people are products of their environment, which has led to the wealthy increasing their wealth and the poor becoming more poor. This outcome has in turn led to the surge in the inequality gap. In order for our society to operate, there must be rich people and there must be poor people for the purpose and benefit of establishing and encouraging globalization, the economy and community relations. As a way to establish the world, there needs to be a marketplace. According to Thomas L Friedman this is the concept of globalization, “the inexorable integration of markets, transportation systems, and communications systems to a degree never witnessed before -- in a way that is enabling corporations, countries, and individuals to reach around the worth farther, faster, deeper, cheaper ever before”(Friedman 393). To Friedman, the downside of globalization is the systemic shock that will follow, the inability of individuals to keep up and close the gap. This idea parallels to the rich gaining momentum and constantly improving their quality of life and future, while there are people left behind unable to maintain at the same level. Friedman also states that “everyone in the world is…

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