People Accuse The Police Of Brutality Essay

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Brutality, a word that can very widely be used and applied to a plethora of situations. Kids use it to describe a parents way of discipline, and adults use it as a way to describe the governments form of discipline. So what is Brutality? The answer to this question can change solely based upon opinion. Why is it that people accuse the police of brutality against them? There is evidence that supports the arguments of both sides; however, it is overwhelmingly in the majority for the fact that there is no such thing as wide spread police brutality. Furthermore, there is no such thing as wide spread biased in the police force supporting, and fueling this brutality. Firstly, children all the time say that a parents form of punishment is to much and sometimes brutal. As a society the United States has gone from it being socially acceptable to physically punish your children: spanking or paddling, time outs, or other forms of creative punishment. In addition to this, the United States now acts as if most if not all of these punishments are child abuse. So Chris Prather who is a well known public figure speaks out on issues such as these. In a recent video in response to the riots over the presidential election he said, "look I blame my generation, yes, my generation. Because these whiny college kids are our kids, they are our responsibility. You see our baby boomer parents they worked hard, and in many cases they became wealthy. It took them years to accomplish that, many of…

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