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The Pennzoil Products Company and Quaker state corporation joined on December 1998 to become one of the leading worldwide automotive consumer product companies. The company was marketing more than 1300 products in more than 90 countries. Quaker State Company before its merger with Pennzoil was operating since 1932 in Canadian market and was successful in capturing the market share. Pennzoil entered the Canadian market in 1989 which was quite late as compared to Quaker’s inception. With its marketing strategies Pennzoil was able to capture the lube market and reached on number fourth position in market share. After their merger a subsidiary of the PQS named Jiffy Lube became the world’s largest quick lube operator and
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The DIFM was served into 4 categories of retail installers who were responsible in boosting the market share of DIFM sector. The four broad retailers are new car dealer, repair specialist, mass merchant and quick lube. The new car dealer is the leading market share holder who contributed 42 percent market share. With the increase in DIFM market the manufactures plus their marketing partners would have serious concern because they could manipulate vehicle owners in buying their product and creating awareness to increase the oil change process. The consumers are not abiding the guidelines by the oil manufacturers because they lack interest or knowledge on when to change and why to change the oil on time. The another anxiety for the manufacturers and marketing partners is that there is a misconception that due to technological advancement each and every car requires long time interval oil change which in fact would result in creating negative impact car’s performance. In order to overcome the situation the PQS can use certain techniques to like continue to educated consumer on importance on regular oil change, they can also persuade the retailers to enforce the consumers to increase oil change or they can focus on selling more technological advance oil so that oil change mileage age would increase that would give relaxation to vehicle owners. PQS must maintained friendly relationship with consumers and promote their oil

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