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Pentatonix is a choral band composed by 5 singers each one of them having a different position, and a different voice. The five members of this group and their positions of what they do are Avi Kaplan, with his deep voice, he is the bass of the group. Scott Hoying is the first voice. Kevin Olusola is the one that beatboxes, he also know how to play many instruments like the cello. Kirstie Maldonado, with her soft voice. At first, it was Mitch, Scott and Kristin. They met in elementary school in Arlington Tx during a charlie and the chocolate factory play and found out about Kristin at the age of eight. Their years of middle school are unknown.
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He got Kirstie and Mitch to sing with him, but the show required at least four members. Because of this, Scott met Avi Kaplan, a well known vocal bass in the a cappella community, Through a friend of his. Then the 3 found Kevin Olusola on youtube, a video of a guy beatboxing and playing the cello, called celloboxing. Kevin was born in Pasadena, California, he speaks Mandarin real fluent, after spending a year in China.
They all five got together to perform in the sing-off 2011, they all prepared and tryed their best. Scott and Kirstie both dropped out of college, hoping they would win the competition, and Mitch had to skip his high school graduation to go audition too.
The group was ready before season 3 of sing-off, they all auditioned and won the title in 2011. After winning the title, Scott suggested for them to be called Pentatonix, A pentatonic scale is scale or mode with five notes per octave. They all agreed with it, since they all thought it matched with their group. They also changed the last letter for an “x” just to make it stand out a little bit

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