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Penny Thomas has to pay the businesses required taxes with their rates, that can change every few years. She has to be on top of any new restrictions that may be added by the company or government. Economic Canada in 2008 was facing a major recession and consumers at that time were less likely to buy “affordable luxury” items. The product growth was still increasing in 2007 but, this could lead to fewer consumers purchasing Marble Slab products in 2008.
During this time period, the trend towards healthy ethical eating was increasing. Since Marble Slab ice cream is considered to be a premium product, consumers would potentially pay the higher prices because it will be healthier than
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If the head office sets a new direction she will be required to follow it and she will not be permitted to make decisions outside the boundaries the parent company sets. Thomas will need to decorate her location in accordance with company policy, she will need to advertise the way head office allows her to and she will need to set prices and make flavours that the company insists on. Thomas will never be allowed to suddenly invent the “wasabi and ginger” flavour, even if customers in her area suddenly want to purchase such a thing, and if head office wants to sell a mayonnaise flavour she will be required to pay for the ingredients and try to sell …show more content…
Marble Slab’s competitors do not offer high-quality, made-in-house ice creams and frozen yogurts and marble slab would be the fastest of the three direct competitors to change their strategy to meet this new market head-on.
Are the strengths greater than the threats?
The ability of Marble slab to customize ice creams and invent new flavours would absolutely have given them a great advantage in a year where consumers were experimenting with their pallets and fixating on healthy eating. If the company advertised a healthier “frozen yogurt” option and highlighted the ability to mix fruit into their products, they would have an advantage over Baskin Robbins and dairy queen who had pre-made ice creams on offer.
While Thomas faces direct competition, a changing consumer market, and her own lack of personal experience in the food industry she is backed by a strong parent company, which is more than flexible enough to meet changing consumer needs and allow her a competitive

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