Penn State University Is A Very Healthy College Essay

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The Pennsylvania State University is a very healthy college. Penn State was ranked number ten on a list for healthiest universities by USA Today. Upended by our bitter rival, Pittsburgh University, ranked at number seven, our health has room for improvement. By providing free gym memberships, Penn State would become a more healthy University. Gym memberships include access to three different gyms, fitness classes, and the swimming pools. Currently, gym memberships are priced at $55 per semester. This pricing is ridiculous as many other colleges provide free gym access. For example, Pitt provides their students with free, complete gym access to three facilities and two swimming pools. Free gym memberships and a universities overall health have a direct positive correlation. More students would be willing to use fitness facilities if they didn’t have to pay the hefty fee each semester. Since Pitt was ranked higher for healthiest universities, Penn State should follow their lead and provide free gym memberships as well. Penn State could be a more fit and healthy University if fitness memberships were free. Fitness has recently been proved to increase one’s creativity. A more fit and healthy Penn State means a more creative and innovative staff and student body. A study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience concluded that people who are active exercisers are more creative than those who do no exercise at all or as much.
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