Pencils Are Better Than Pens - Debate Essay example

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Pencils are better than Pens
Ladies and gentlemen, When you go to war you want to be prepared with the right weapons. Having the wrong ones can limit you success and impair your skills. Isn’t this the same case for writing a paper? When you sit down to write a paper you want to make your ideas flow, to be able to erase false ones, and stay focused; pencils enable you to do all of those things more effectively than pens. Pencils have erasers to fix all your mistakes, they’re 100% organic, and contrary to pens, which can be very messy, pencils are neat and long lasting. When you are writing, you make mistakes all the time. You write words messily, you spell them wrong, and you mix up the order of what you are trying to say. If you are
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This then reduces the amount of wasted materials. With that in mind, pens are much messier than pencils. Pencils can’t write on you or other objects besides paper. But pens on the other hand can write on almost any surface. Even when you write, you can smudge it all over your page when its not dry, it gets all over your hands, and it’s very hard to get off of your skin. Once your skin absorbs the ink it can give you ink poisoning. But pencils can’t poison you, or do anything permanently harmful to you, and they are mess free. Lastly, pencils are a very useful and long lasting utensil. According to Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Company, pencils can draw a line 35 miles long. And according to pens can draw a line 1.24 miles long. Using one pencil is the equivalent to using 28 pens. One organic pencil eliminates much more waste than 28 pens do. In conclusion, pencils are the prime utensil for writing a paper. Pencils have erasers to erase all your mistakes. They are 100 percent organic, and unlike pens they are neat and long lasting. You don't want to impair your skills nor limit your success, so when you sit down to write a paper, remember to use the better writing utensil, the pencil. Thank

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