Pemberton Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… One of the strategies of Pemberton is ability to create products that provide a superior taste experience. The company is constantly changes it’s recopies to come up with new products and flavors for increased customer satisfaction. Pemberton strategic priorities include mostly product improvement and customer satisfaction. This is one of the most valuable aspects of the company so it can grow further and have high customer loyalty. Pemberton used a company-owned store delivery where the products were directly delivered to retailer’s warehouses and distribution centers. According to Pemberton’s president, Patricia Williams, the company had an advantage due to culture of innovation. Due to its culture, Pemberton had achieved an annual growth rate of 14% over the last 5 years. Williams summarized the most three strategic plans for the company: 1) building a collection of attractive, durable brands; 2) leveraging leading markets, sales and DSD systems to increase revenue and profits; 3) building or acquiring capabilities in salty snack …show more content…
Krispy’s pricing of 155% of average cost per ounce was considered reasonable because of the products superiority. If Krispy’s targeted market remains for the healthier, snack people would tend to pay the same if the quantity is less. Krispy may implement points of difference (POD) along with points of parity (POP) to see an outgrowth in the national results. The results of the Columbus can show an 18% share of the cracker category in the test market. These results were based on a 16-week test period. The plan in the southeast was of similar marketing techniques when it came to advertising and promotion. However, the results of the southeast were only at a 10% share and little category expansion in the market. Considering the test results in Columbus, Pemberton seems to be making great marketing decisions trying to improve Krispy Natural.

Implementations of a higher consumer feedback will make Krispy Natural improve its test market results in the future. By Improving the flavor and variety and perhaps changing how people perceive Krispy Natural might improve marketing results. People associate natural with healthy and therefore Krispy’s Brand Mantra is set up for success. Based on the test results of

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