Pelias And The Argonauts Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Such a man did come to the town in time and he did wear just one sandal. Pelias became afraid. For it was Jason who was the one who only shod one sandal. Jason told Pelias that he came to recover the kingdom that was rightfully his and that the kingdom should be ruled rightly, without evil. Pelias agreed to hand over the kingdom, but under one condition: The condition was that the dead Phrixus wanted the Golden Fleece returned from King Æetes, which would bring the spirit of Phrixus back to his home. Pelias asked that Jason go on the journey as opposed to himself, for he was old and Jason was young and strong. So Pelias promised to give up the kingdom on the return of Jason with the Golden Fleece. Jason agreed and organized Hercules, Orpheus, Castor, Pollux, Achilles' father, Peleus and many more. This group of men were subsequently known as the Argonauts. Hera was also with Jason, to remind him not to leave behind a dying life.
Jason and the Argonauts (which was named after their ship, the Argo) first sailed to Lemnos, an island where only women lived. Only one man, the king, was left on the island. Although the women had risen up against the men on the island by killing them, they gladly helped the Argonauts with gifts of food and
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Since Hera had been overseeing the adventure, she knew that there was danger involved and discussed the matter with Aphrodite. To help the Argonauts, Aphrodite told Hera that she would send Cupid, Aphrodite's son, to the Colchis and would make the daughter of the Colchian king fall in love with Jason. Medea was the daughter of King Æetes. But Medea was a powerful magician and she could save the Argonauts if they ever were in trouble.
While this was going on, the Argonauts made their way to the city to ask the king for the Golden Fleece. Hera wrapped the Argonauts in a mist so they wouldn't be seen until they arrived at the palace. King Æetes welcomed them to Colchis and was hospitable to them. Princess Medea also made her way into the palace to see what these visitors, who had entered the palace, were doing. As Princess Medea lay eyes upon Jason, Cupid, who was sent by Aphrodite to make the two fall in love, drew his bow and shot an arrow into the heart of Medea. Amazed by the sight of Jason, she quickly returned to her

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