Peggy Mcintosh's Article : Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack

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“An invisible package of unearned assets”(McIntosh 1). Peggy McIntosh’s article “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”, explains the advantages that come with being white. She explains white privilege as “ a package of unearned assets” that she can “cash in” because usually, white people are not expected to work as hard as colored people to accomplish their goals. The article explains white privilege as an “invisible knapsack” of a wide range of opportunities. It is a very capitalistic mentality that usually caters to only white people.
Since I am not white, my chances of finding a good job are probably not going to be as simple as the chances of white people, hence they are considered more ‘favorable’ and more ‘dominant’ in society. This is going to affect my vision of my “Canadian dream”. Ideally, I would like to become a Canadian citizen. I feel like I can relate to Canadians and the Canadian culture since I grew up with them at school. I do not feel like an “outcast” here or like I do not belong here. I feel a sense of home in this country. I want to be able to formally become a working, Canadian human rights lawyer, with a career involved in non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF. I highly agree with the belief of children being deserving of living in a peaceful, loving home and society where they can express themselves freely and joyfully. Therefore, I want to be able to help and make a difference.
The concept of the “invisible knapsack” keeps me wondering if I

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