Peer Review And Tutoring Essay

835 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Instead of rushing headlong into a paper and writing it all in one sitting, working through the writing process actually forced me to stop and thoroughly read every source to find what information I agreed/disagreed with. Pre-writing helped to pinpoint what my beliefs/ideas were in both the personal culture paper as well as the quote-directed paper. Peer review and tutoring really helped to improve the conciseness of my papers, drawing all my thoughts and ideas into clear, cohesive paragraphs that flowed smoothly from one to the next. My peers and my tutor also picked out errors that I tended to overlook; they were unbiased and were able to point out errors such as awkward wording and incorrect punctuation. I know now that a paper cannot be written all in one sitting. It must go through at least several drafts before coming to a final paper. Even after I am finished and have handed in a paper, I still find myself revising that paper and finding better ways to word phrases.

I have learned that as a writer I love to add suspense in my papers. I write so that readers must actually finish reading my work in order to understand my ideas. I try to write concisely, adding enough detail to make my writing interesting but not too much to make it boring and overdone. I do not enjoy wading through paragraph upon paragraph to find an author 's single point, so I avoid writing like this. Furthermore, as any other student, I tend to dread research papers. However, I…

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