Peer Pressuring Parents : High School Being On The Honor Roll

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Peer Pressuring Parents During high school being on the honor roll was a huge deal to me. I loved the feeling of making my parents proud. During my junior year at Saint Clair High School I took AP biology for a semester. Even though I didn 't want to take it, my parents pushed it on me. Even the counselor forced it on me. I felt like if I didn’t take it, my parents would be disappointed in me. That was something I would not let happen. With all the pressure I finally gave in.
It was a hot day in the beginning of September. I remember nervously walking into Ap biology, on the 1st day of school. As I entered the class I immediately heard an obnoxious parrot. The birdcage was on the other side of the class room underneath the Michigan State flag. In fact, every wall was covered in Michigan State decor. I took a seat and waited for class to start. When Mr. Underwood came into class my nerves began to ease. He handed out the syllabus for the semester and went over class rules. Before I knew it class was over for the day. Looking at the syllabus, I soon realized how stressful the class was going to be.
On September, friday the 13th we took our first quiz on evolution. After the quiz we took notes in our BILLS. Our BILLS were his version of notes in a notebook. All I remember is how painfully long it took to do notes his way instead of mine. As we were taking notes he interrupted us and said “ So the quiz grades weren’t as good as I expected. Some of the class did really good…

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