Peer Pressure Essay

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Peer pressure is a social influence exerted on an individual by others in order to get that person to act or believe in a similar way. It is used by a social group, often with the implication that "everybody's doing it." This influence can be negative or positive, with a successful result being a change in a person's behavior.
Nearly all children experience some form of peer pressure, whether at school, at church or at home among siblings. As a kind of social pressure, it dominates preteen life. Many teens become absorbed into different cliques and groups, spending less time with their families. Much of the personality of a teen can be shaped by a peer group.
Negative peer pressure can be a dangerous tool against children,
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* Peer pressure teen stress is also caused by the way they feel they are viewed by adults in the college setting.
* The peer pressure teen stress to perform in the grades and work they do.
* Problems with socializing with other teens.
* Problems at home with family members.
* Having a low self worth.
* Always having verbal conflicts with their friends and family.
* Low income living conditions for the family.
* Peer pressure teen stress is sometimes caused by a major event causing grief or trauma within the family. This could be death, an illness, or parents splitting up.
* A split in the relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.
* The neighborhood in which they live is not a good place.
* Having to move to a new home is yet a cause of the peer pressure teen stress.
* Having to adapt to a new school/college environment.
Objectives of the project:
The main objective of the project is to discuss the issue of peer pressure under “no pressure”. The students must be made to understand how they can grasp the good and leave the bad. The project tries to distinguish between Good Peer Pressure and Bad Peer Pressure. It analyses various aspects that cause such a pressure and gives a solution to the same. The project also gives a remedy for overcoming bad peer pressure. The project also makes suggestions as to how can peer-pressure-struck children can be helped. The project also tries to examine the reasons that make children

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