Peer Pressure Is A Powerful Tool Essay

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If you 're like most people, you probably have friends, friends that you want to respect you, to like you, and to support each other. You would most likely do anything for them. This is good, it shows your trust and loyalty, but, one day, your friends might pressure you to do something you 're uncomfortable with. Would you do it? Peer pressure is a powerful tool; it is influence from someone of similar age or interest. Co-workers, friends, classmates, and family are all common examples of peers. All of us feel peer pressure many times in our daily lives. Peer pressure is most often used as a negative force because most of the time peers just want us to change our identity to fit in better, it can lead to risky decisions, and can cause life-destroying choices to be made.

One of the main reasons peer pressure is a negative force, is due to the extreme frequency that it is used to attempt to change one 's identity. A graphic by Ralph Hagen comically represents such a case of peer pressure. This cartoon depicts a cow standing at the edge of a farm and wooded area. Across from the cow is a gang of wild animals. The animals are saying to the cow, "Look, if you 're going to hang out with us, first thing you gotta do is lose the bell." However, the cow 's face shows his discomfort at the thought. This cartoon demonstrates how our friends sometimes try to change us to fit in by society 's standards instead of our own. The problem is that people are likely to follow…

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