Pt1420 Unit 4 Assignment 2

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Weeks three and four dealt mainly on peers and their effects. We all know that a child is introduced to all kinds of bad habits through their friends and because of this many parents even don't allow their kids to have friendship with their classmates. So having all this in mind the question comes to the teacher that how he/she will take the steps to lesson the negative effects and replace them with maximum positive impact?
Having in mind all the important things said in the video lectures by Prof. George Oduru it is so important as a teacher to make peer learning fun and productive . Of course there will be naughty kids as well as calm kids in one class room but the teacher always need to be wise to balance between both groups. Teacher should
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Not labeling them but to know them so i could help in the areas where they are struggling.
* Dividing the students into small groups - here each group will have an equal number of week and strong children. when i say week and strong ones doesn't mean physically but also emotionally and academically. The purpose of dividing is to see how the students work together in bringing their own opinions. As a teacher i would go to each group and see how they work collectively. Task and time will be given to each group and of course there will be a team leader. By doing this each student will have a chance to lead the team and as well be a member of the team. Learning from one another is the motive behind this.
* Taking time to talk - a teacher should be a good communicator. A teacher can bring great insights to the students. So as a teacher i will take time to talk to the students telling them stories and moral values and encourage them to be good citizens. Encouraging them to help one another in the classroom and outside the classroom. Showing them some visuals on good friendships and how things can be achieved through one

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