Peel Memorial Hospital Essay

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All business entities, regardless of its objectives, struggle to reach its set objectives with its current and future employees. Unfortunately, profitable results are only attainable if and only if, every employee within the business has the skills, talent, and share the same strategic goals as the organization. In addition, every employee must comprehend how to achieve their individual goals to become an effective employee. In order for an organization to effectively manage its employee’s performance, the organization and each individual must set goals and develop improvement plans to become better at their current job. The success of the company depends on it. With that being said, Peel Memorial Hospital developed a plan
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59). The company wanted to improve overall company and employee performance but created the company with a tired mission statement, had no strategic alignment, and faced numerous challenges that prevented them from success.
Major Issues
PMH faced numerous challenges before they could develop a successful organization; these issues involved cultural differences, integration of non-acute and community-based services, delivering high-quality patient care, and aligning stakeholders to a recent change to the company’s vision (Harber, 2008). In addition, the company had to face health authorities from forced closure or merging with another company. Furthermore, the company faced disconnect between the managers and employees when conducting performance reviews when it came to accountability, lack of follow-up to implement changes, and the employees lacked the understanding of their performance and how it incorporates with the strategic objectives of the company (Harber, 2008).
Alternative Action Although Peel Memorial Hospital faced numerous issues their major issues involved leadership, employee performance, accountability, and strategical alignment. Therefore, there are numerous alternatives that the company could have implemented; however, for the length of this paper I will describe two. The first alternative action should have been to link employee contribution with company performance and continue to communicate this to

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