A Career As A Pediatric Profession

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Pediatrics is my number one career choice. In many ways, it also reflects my second, third, and fourth career choices. Educators teach and lead young people toward success Legislators draft policies that improve processes for their constituents. And professional golfers commit themselves to extensive study and practice to master the skills of their profession. As a pediatrician, I see myself incorporating all three. I want to master the skills of pediatric diagnosis, work to improve the processes of medical practice, and successfully educate my patients so they are empowered to choose a healthy life.

Naturally, my learning must precede anything else I do. But learning in medicine is not simple. We operate in a flood of information and our best
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These include protocols in the clinic or hospital and broader healthcare policies in the community. I grew up in a home Where ideas were discussed, viewpoints compared, and I learned to think for myself. In addition, I am analytical by nature, identifying weaknesses and taking initiative to improve them. During a time when I served as executive secretary to the bishop of my church, I relied heavily on these traits. I was able to initiate changes that improved the way we served our members and administered programs. Such experiences laid a foundation of initiative that I can build on in …show more content…
The most important part of ped1atrrcs of course, is patient care. I am one who believes an essential part of that care is education. In school, more education translates into better opportunities, and in life, more knowledge leads to greater control over one’ s circumstances. In healthcare, meaningful patient education can do the same. I saw this while working with Dr. Wyatt, a Pediatric Endocrinologist. He taught his patients in a friendly, clear, and efficient manner His patients felt involved and in control. His example inspired me to set goals to listen and communicate more clearly with my patients. As a pediatrician, I hope to hone these skills and thereby empower my patients to be in control of their health. Beyond elements of practice, policy, and education, I am drawn to pediatrics for another reason. Its patients and practitioners are simply a happy group. And from working with faculty, residents, and other students in pediatrics, I feel my temperament is a good fit for the field. My character is calm, my approach is amiable, my personality is professional, my strength is sincerity, my hidden trait is humor, my pride is parenting, my creativity is computer cards, my indulgence is ice cream, and my fun is in family. My personal aspiration is to be a devoted husband and father with a well-rounded life. My professional ambition is to be a modest, respected physician. I

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