Pediatricians : Keeping Children Healthy Essay

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Pediatricians: Keeping Children Healthy
“The greatest success we’ll know is helping others succeed and grow” (Gregory Scott Reid). Indeed, pediatricians help children not only because it is their job, but they like being able to see children grow up to be healthy and successful. Pediatricians are physicians who provide health care to infants, children, and adolescents. Educational requirements for a pediatrician are you must graduate high school and medical school. A pediatrician’s job is to care for children and make sure they remain healthy which will depend on the salary they will receive. Their retirement benefits will depend on the employer. Pediatricians watch children as they grow into young adults, therefore, analyzing the necessities of a child’s health and to emphasize the educational requirements, job responsibilities, salary expectations, and retirement opportunities crucial to this career.
A pediatrician education level includes a master’s degree and or a Ph.D. to be able to go to medical school. “Following medical school, primary care pediatricians complete three years of education in an accredited pediatric residency program” (What is a Pediatrician). You have to attend medical school after you finish four years of college, then after you have three years of residency. A pediatrician to be, must complete all the education required to become one. Pediatricians go through all these levels of education to be able to properly care for a child’s health. They are a…

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