Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Business Plan Proposal Essay

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I. Business Summary A. Executive Summary B. Business Description C. Specific strategies, goals, and objectives II. Equipment/Training & Education Description A. What the service specifically provides B. Why this service is different and/or special C. What equipment is needed (Table 1) D. Required training E. Regulatory requirements III. Organizational Plan A. Organizational chart B. Management Summary C. Management Responsibilities IV. Marketing Plan A. Demographics B. Targeted Market/Location C. Competition/Competitive Advantage V. Financial Plan A. Financial Assumptions for the Projection B. Projected income statement C. Cost, Supplies/Equipment

Pediatric Urgent Care
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The actual medical staff will be pediatricians who are board certified in pediatric emergency medicine or board certified in pediatrics with a certification in pediatric emergency medicine. With this type of training and education, the staff is capable of tending to pediatric patient’s illness, injury, physical, psychological, and emotional needs. According to the Urgent Care Association for certification of the urgent care facility, the facility is certified as a Category 1 (licensed physician (MD/DO) or Category 2 (licensed provider (MD/DO or NP/PA) who are on-site during hours of operation. The facility must meet these requirements according to the Urgent Care Assoication of America: (1.) Must accept and advertise that walk-in patients are welcome and pediatric must be in the name of the facility. (2.) Must have the following during posted hours: x-ray (provider to read), phlebotomy services, licensed provider to administer and perform minor procedures, equipment and staff trained to use it, working phone to dial 911, and at least two exam rooms. (3.) Minimum hours of operation are 7 days a week (not including national holidays), 4 hours each day, at least 3000 hours per year. (4.) Facility must

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