Pediatric Obesity Is Not A Disease Essay

1235 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Wars, poverty, politics, global warming, mass shootings, diseases and health problems are all serious problems our world is experiencing. This is no longer a happy peaceful world to live, with all these problems. One major issue is the diseases and health disorders that are spreading vigorously and no one is paying attention to. One of the most dangerous health problems is pediatric obesity. So what is it? Why is it so dangerous? What are the causes, and what should we do in order to stop it?

Pediatric obesity is not a is not something that a person would get infected with and have no control over. In fact, it is a disorder caused by many factors, that we could control, involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. And when we say pediatric we mean the branch that deals with children and adolescents. This serious problem is crystal clear and everyone is noticing it, but no one seems to put in the effort to solve the problem. The last 30 years have been especially devastating as the percentage of obese children skyrocketed to more than double what it was in the 80s. Pediatric obesity has been closely measured since the early 1980s and the data shows us just how serious the problem is. The rate of obesity in children ages 6-11 increased from 6.5 to 19.6 percent between the years 1980 and 2008. In just 28 years, obesity nearly tripled in all age groups under 18 years old. Between 16 to 33 percent of adolescents are now obese, meaning in…

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