Pediatric Nursing : Becoming A Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Pediatric nursing is a field that provides health care to children from infancy up to adolescence. Some pediatricians and their pediatric nurses provide care for adolescents up to the age of twenty-one. In order to become a pediatric nurse, a person must have the required education, certification, and experience to get a job at a health facility that gives care to children and young adults. Universities colleges and some hospitals offer nursing diplomas and degrees. Anyone who desires to become a pediatric nurse must be able to learn all of the job responsibilities. They must be able to work with children and parents to provide the best care for ill children. With thorough preparation and a strong determination, a person can fulfill his or her goal to secure a career in pediatric nursing. As a senior in high school, having a goal for a future career is very important, and I have decided which field I will pursue. Pediatric nursing is very important to the lives and health of new born infants and children into their adolescent years. The correct title for workers in this area of nursing is a pediatric nurse. To become a pediatric nurse, a person has to graduate high school and complete a nursing program at a certified nursing school. There are many advantages to working as a pediatric nurse. This job market is wide open, and it offers a very good salary. Education, certification, salary and growth, locations, and openness of field, must be carefully researched and…

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