Pediatric Nurse Practitioners ( Pnps ) Essay

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Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) specialize in delivering healthcare to all individuals younger than 18-years old. In many instances, these nursing professionals work while supervised by a pediatric physician. PNPs provide affordable, quality healthcare for many patients. Today, almost ten-percent of the United States nurses specialize in pediatrics. While PRNs typically do not earn the most pay among nursing professions, they still earn salaries well over the national average. Pediatric nurse practitioners first earn accreditation and experience as RNs and then pursue training and experience in child healthcare service. Pediatric medicine advocate foresee a significant talent shortage over the coming years. However, with improvements in several metrics, potential pediatric nurse practitioners can head off the anticipated talent shortage causing concern among many pediatric healthcare watchdogs.

Pediatric Nursing as a Profession

PNPs work with patients 18 years old and younger, including newborns. [1] They typically deliver service under physician management. However, some PNPs operate private practices. While most PNPs practice in a physician’s office, others work in different settings, such as:

Surgical theaters
General hospitals
Emergency rooms
Neonatal units
Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU)
Pediatric Oncology Units

Some pediatric nursing practitioners work in academic facilities, in private caregiving practice groups or with organizations providing services…

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