Pediatric Nurse : A Nurse Essay example

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Pediatric Nurse is a registered nurse who helps with young children, babies or newborns, and adolescent with physical exam, shots up to date, medical records and check ups. Pediatric Nurse goes to school for several years to get their bachelor degrees or even their masters. They can work in all different kinds of settings, do different jobs and make more money depending how long they have worked in the facility and hours.

Pediatric Nurse can work in hospitals, clinics, doctors ' offices, non-profit medical services groups, schools, outpatient facilities or provide in-home services. In a hospital a pediatric nurse will specialize in medical care for certain situations. They also help comfort the parents and children being treated. They also take vital signs and assist the doctor in any way they are needed. In a school setting the pediatric nurse would see children who are not feeling well during school. They would take temperatures,check for head lice and bandage any wounds that may have happened to that child. They also comfort them and the parent in any situation. If an incident happens at school the nurse will be the one to contact the child 's parents. Doctors office a pediatric nurse will help the doctor in any exams given to a child. They get the supplies and equipment needed for the process.

To become a Pediatric nurse you will have to attend school for several years, depending on what degree you want or what position you are wanting. You can may go for your…

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