Pedagogy of Project Based Learning Essay

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The Pedagogy of Project Based Learning
As a rather recent alumnus of secondary schooling, I can vividly recall the frustration I incurred sitting in a classroom being “spoon-fed” information, knowing the minute the bell rang, most of the information that was being forced into my brain would be left in the classroom. I have always felt that, for the most part, being injected with lectures, hand-outs, independent studies and tests based on what I was “taught” four months prior was simply not conducive to thinking and learning. It was however, conducive to the regurgitation of information that would render itself quite useless in real world applications. It is however not to say, that sitting in an
English class was
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I have, since high school, had many problems to solve on my workbench and I have learned something from them all. I am forever grateful for Project Based Learning. For it is the love of being “hands on” that has yet again moulded my choice of career. I want one of my future students to one day be writing an essay about my class, and how it has impacted their life for the better.

I know firsthand that by employing Project Based Learning, students are guided to work on longer term challenges that involve real life problems. This helps students see the complex aspect of any job or activity in a more realistic fashion. This in turn will better prepare the student for the real challenges that will inevitably lie ahead.

Project Based Learning allows students the opportunity to go through an educational experience which allows them to transcend the limiting nature of the one-to-one teacher-student relationship. Instead they learn by doing. They learn through self satisfaction. They learn how to collaborate and arrive at results efficiently while working with others. At the same time the teacher himself is transformed into a facilitator, a guide, a mentor, and with any luck a wonderful memory for the students that will have walked through my shop.


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