Teaching Pedagogy

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The learning pedagogy of mathematics is surrounded by two fields of study; the theoretical and the ideological. By narrowing these two different types of practice, the method of teaching is based on the beliefs of the teacher. In essence, the key to learning the subject depends on the teacher and the amount of input from the student. Not only does this concern mathematics but all the diverse subjects that imply a sort of pedagogy sense of learning. This report will go further into not only researching mathematics teachers, but study the different types of techniques that are shown around the world, and what is the process in becoming successful. First, let us go further into explaining the theoretical study of mathematics where teachers learn …show more content…
The article “Mathematics for Middle School Teachers: Choices, Successes, and Challenges” really work with analyzing the problems that occur in the middle school settings and how to fix them. One of the key elements this article goes into explaining is the constant urge from the teacher to continue with the material, go further into teaching. This is completely wrong, the teacher needs to be extremely patient with the students; if some students lack required understanding of the material then the teacher must go back and either try the process again or approach it from a different angle. To improve a student’s knowledge of the concept shown, Martin and Umland wrote “Carefully chosen problems and content can benefit teachers at all places along the mathematical spectrum, as long as one balances challenge and support” therefore, telling the teachers to balance challenge and support to give each student the required input for the concept (p. 312). Subsequently, the article refers to teachers to look back at the required material and create choices for children; you will undoubtedly end up with success or either failure, all it requires is to outweigh the failure and create more possibilities for success for the

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