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I Introduction

Performance-Enhancing Drugs, various substances, chemical agents, or procedures designed to provide an advantage in athletic performance. Performance-enhancing drugs affect the body in different ways, such as enlarging muscles or increasing the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity. Despite these apparent benefits, the use of such drugs is considered both competitively unethical and medically dangerous. Most performance-enhancing drugs are outlawed by organizations that govern major amateur and professional sports.

II Purpose

The use of substances to improve athletic performance is not a new phenomenon. There are stories dating back thousands of years regarding athletes using drugs in quest of an advantage. Historic
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Studies have shown, however, that many athletes will ignore even the gravest health risks if they can gain an advantage through artificial means. As a result, the issue has become one of the most serious problems in athletics today.

III Drug Types

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A wide variety of performance-enhancing drugs is in use today. Many of them, such as steroids and amphetamines, are controlled substances—that is, drugs whose manufacture, distribution, and use are subject to strict governmental regulation because of a high potential for abuse and medical complications. These drugs are often developed and used to treat real medical problems but are illegally repurposed by athletes or trainers as performance enhancers. Some legitimate medical procedures are used in the same way. Other types of drugs, such as health supplements, are legal but poorly regulated and researched. The line between what is legal and what is illegal has at times been the source of controversy. Controlled or not, performance-enhancing drugs are fairly easy to obtain. Common sources for controlled substances are black-market suppliers, Internet sites, and smuggling from foreign countries.


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