Child Sexual Attack Case Study Essay

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Pecola is searching for love and acceptance, but instead she experiences more pain and suffering. This tragic experience leaves Pecola hurt and confused. Frieda told Pecola that she could have a baby if someone loves her. She is now pregnant, but still nobody loves her. This contradicts what she had previously been told about babies and love. She is now confused about how she can have a baby without someone loving her.
Pecola is pregnant but according to Frieda, she needs to be loved in order to have a baby. Pecola has searched for love and has not had any luck. In desperation for love and affection, Pecola creates an imaginary friend. She talks to her imaginary friend about many things, including her “new” eyes. Pecola now believes that she has been gifted pretty blue eyes by a local fortune teller. She accuses her imaginary friend of being jealous of her beautiful blue eyes. Pecola has always been the ugliest person in the community but now, after her tragedy, she believes she is prettier than everyone.
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Children who have been sexually assaulted suffer from many psychological problems throughout their lives. Some of the effects are short term, while others may last forever. The National Center for Victims of Crime posted an article on their website concerning the effects of sexual abuse on children. Their experts stated, “In short term (up to two years), victims may exhibit regressive behaviors” (Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Victims). Some examples of regressive behavior victims present are thumb-sucking and bed wetting. This is an understandable reaction to sexual abuse because it creates feelings of inferiority in the victims. This study helps the reader understand why Pecola acts the way she does after the

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