Herzberg Self Assessment

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Pearson Prentice Hall Self-Assessment provided detailed information regarding different personality types. After completing the assignment the results provided me with insight on how I might perform or conduct task according to my personality traits. I have provided a summary of each trait and how it relates to my personality when working, socializing with friends, or relaxing at home. Personality insights
The five-factor model personality assessment provided by the Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library describe my personality demission as Extroversion, Agreeable, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and open to experience (E.A.C.E.O) (Robbins, S.P., & Judge, T.A., 2008). My Jungian personality test assessed me as an ENFP. And, my category
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I love gathering ideas with like-minded individuals. However, when working on really complicated projects I find retreating to my personal space gives me opportunity to quietly assess an action plan. My Jungian 16-type personality test show the same results as the previous test given using the Myers – Briggs Type Indicator. When communicating with peers in the workplace I consider myself as people oriented, I am highly optimistic and creative.
Leadership and Team Skills,
When working with a team I tend to display more of an extrovert personality type.
Power and Conflict Skills,
I like to be heard and find that when I work in team and group setting I usually become annoyed because everyone’s opinions have to be heard.
Life in Organizations
Organization Structure
My personality trait states that my skills would shine while working in organizations that allow me to be creative, interact with individuals. I agree because I have a very outgoing personality and enjoy at time being the center of attention.
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Step 2 & 3
I have learned a lot about myself. Many of the results were eye openers and will help me in my future at Capital One. I now understand that my personal behavior traits can greatly influence the overall organizational behavior within my team (Fischer, K. 2006).
This assignment has also gave me a better perspective on how my attitude might come across to others. My husband and I have recently gave our life back to Christ and I can say since doing so I have definitely witnessed a change in both myself and my husband. Prior to making the commitment to Christ I would react without thinking, and take people for what I thought of them to be and not for who they were. I really had to sit back and understand the quote found in Matthew’s 7 which states “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. I have really taken this quote serious because I dislike when I am misjudge. The bible states to treat others as I would want to be treated so moving forward, I am going to monitor how I speak and listen to individuals while communicating. This will help make me a better manager and

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