Pearl : The Elf Child Essay examples

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Pearl – the Elf-child Generally, the more protagonists a book has, the more challenging it is for writer to create a well-organized interaction between them. For this reason, author thinks twice before adding a new personality into the story. Thus for character to become a part of the book, his or her existence has to be justified. In other words, a character has to earn his place in the story. There is no doubt that Pearl earns it. Firs of all she is the illegitimate daughter of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale. As long as none of Boston residents would ever expect these two fellow citizens to be capable of committing such a terrible crime as adultery, if Pearl had never been born, the scarlet letter would not had been put on Hester’s chest. Besides letting the story unfold, Pearl, a very carefully thought out character, serves not only as a constant reminder and a symbol of Hester’s sin, as well as her only treasure; her consolation, but also as an independent character with her own motivation, beliefs, ideals, morals and destiny.
A reader cannot help noticing how fast the newborn develops. Pearl’s ability to speak in full sentences at the age of three years old makes one assume that she is an extremely intelligent and unique child. While Pearl is raised solely by her mother, her intelligence develops into supernaturally strong intuition. Unsurprisingly, she is able to unravel Chillingworth secret and immediately identify him as a “Black Man” (Hawthorne 525). Also,…

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