Pearl Harbor And J Day By D. Clayton James And Anne Sharp Wells

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From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day by D. Clayton James and Anne Sharp Wells, Published January 1, 1995 Ivan R. Dee Publisher. 216 pages. The second world war was histories largest war in numbers of nations and soldiers, allotting to over sixty million total deaths and over four hundred thousand American Deaths. In the novel From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day, D. Clayton James and Anne Sharp Wells tell the story of how America got pulled into World War II, the conflicts that America faced during World War II, and the obstacles that America overcame to help the rest of the world defeat German, Italian, and Japanese axis. The novel explains how Important of a role the United States of America plaid in World War II and how the United States and there allies Defeated the Germans, Italians, and the Japanese. In the novel all of World War II is covered from the point of view of America. I novel starts shortly before the Pearl Harbor bombings in Hawaii. It covers all of World War II from the American, Japanese battles to the German, American battles. It examines the strategies and logistics of the militaries of all the countries fighting in World War II. It goes into detail on the operations that took place during the war and tells the stories of the high commanding leaders of America during the war. The novel focuses on three big topics, the first being the war with the Empire of Japan, the second being the War with Germany and Italy, and the third being Americas importance in the war.…

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