Peacekeeping Conduct And Discipline Of The United Nations Essay example

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Peacekeeping Conduct and Discipline
Position Paper
Part 1 The peacekeeping system has been used by the United Nations since 1948 to prevent conflict from breaking out between Israel and Arab neighbors. Peacekeepers were used to monitor the Armistice Agreement and prevent disagreements. Since 1948, the United Nations has deployed troops to 69 peacekeeping operations across the world. The UN operation in Congo was the first large mission for peacekeepers. The UN realized how difficult it was to protect the safety of civilians while maintaining peace at the same time. This issue has followed peacekeepers on all of their missions and is still prevalent in current operations. Many peacekeepers have the double task of keeping citizens safe and protected at all times and maintaining peace between different countries. This is difficult for peacekeepers and they often end up abusing citizens. Many instances of peacekeeping misconduct and violence from over 45 different countries have been reported for operations all around the world. The United Nations has had to deal with these cases of abuse, but they haven’t solved this issue. Countries around the area of Israel and Arab, such as Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon, are mainly affected by peacekeeping misconduct because they are involved in the Armistice Agreement. Peacekeepers in the Dominican Republic of Congo have been notorious for sexual misconduct since 2005 and the most recent case was on…

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