Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge Essay

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Franchising Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge In today’s market whether it is shopping for a vacation spot or purchasing tangible goods the consumer is one thing that never changes. Research tends to support brand equity and brand loyalty. In choosing a vacation, spot customer not only wants the facility to meet their needs they want it to exceed their expectations, none the less for the best price. Branding within the hotel industry is no different. Consumers look for key risks, perceived benefits and costs when making their purchases. Through all the ways, that tourist can book hotels and read prior reviews on where they are, going to stay the decision is, usually, made before the trip. With the case of Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge, there are …show more content…
Their brand essence is “Stay Smart- Express offers pragmatic, honest value so our guests feel smarter for choosing the brand” (Zeigler, 2007) Holiday Inn offers in their franchise agreement that they provide several added amenities that the current owner is unable to provide. They are a top hotel choice for entrepreneurs and rated the best budget hotel chain. They are also a top choice among its competitors that also match the profile of the research done by the tourist bureau. Here is a profile for a typical holiday inn:

(Snyder, 2007) In looking at the market research and brand management of Days Inn, he would fall under the umbrella of the Wyndham Group, which has a plethora of chains and a long term reliable reputation. They encompass over 7380 hotels with over 631.800 rooms. (Wyndham, 2014) While they have some upscale hotels in their department, Days Inn is now a chain that is receiving many upgrades to bring it up to par from its dismal declining reputation in the past. Their slogan is “Days Inn® is a leading global brand in the economy segment with more guest rooms than any other economy brand in the world and over 1,820 properties worldwide. Under its "Best Value under the Sun" market positioning, Days Inn hotels offer value conscious consumers free high-speed internet and most hotels offer free Daybreak® breakfast. Many hotels also

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