Peaceful Mornings And How They Can Only Last So Long Essay examples

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There is something to be said about peaceful mornings and how they can only last so long. However, the inhabitants within the Kingdom of Syrenka were unbothered. The sun rose no different than the day previous and all in the village and court began their day as usual unaware of the impending change that lurked just beyond the horizon’s edge.
The Baker opened his shop windows allowing the aroma of fresh baked bread to waft along the streets. He was always the first one awake in the village and it was his bread that signaled to the people that the day should begin. He smiled indulgently moments later as the children ran past his window only to stop and smell the fresh pastries and bread.
The children continued running further down the cobblestone paths and nearby roads, they ran passed cobblers and blacksmiths, weavers and shopkeepers, families and village visitors. They weaved in and out of women in their yards hanging the day’s wash to dry. The women chuckled as their own children joined in on the race abandoning their chores if only for a brief moment.
The children ran in lines and in groups, moving effortlessly thought the endless rounds of streets and people, past all colors and sounds. It was almost as though the path they travelled was known only those traveling it and not to those who spectated it. And to a point that was true, for at the edge of the village land was a gated garden; more specifically, the Royal gated garden.
The leader of this small band of…

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