Essay on Peace Is Not A Human Quality

3283 Words Nov 24th, 2016 14 Pages
Peace, the ultimate absence of human conflict. Throughout human history, peace has been the outstanding concept that nations attempt to achieve. However, history has shown countless conflicting periods that indicates the notion that peace is not a human quality. Moreover, many individuals from Grotius to Hobbes have decreed that human nature is violent, nasty and brutish. Therefore, is it possible to achieve world peace? Due to the anarchic system within international society, the possibility of achieving a negative and positive peace is impossible because of state actors aggressive behavioural tendencies that can be conveyed through the liberal concept of peace, liberal democratic theory, realist principles of statism, security dilemma and the English School’s notion of norms, rules and principles that form institutions that lead to a conflictive membership of society. Therefore it is the purpose of this essay to use Realism, Liberalism and the English School of political theorise and correlate them with their appropriate historical era that explores and demonstrates political examples of division of interstate cooperation, principles of statism, security dilemma and institutions that exhibit how is it impossible to achieve a negative and positive world peace in international society.

Before the essay delves into a heavy analytical observation of how peace is not possible in international society, the term of anarchy must be defined and broken down. The reason anarchy…

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