Peace Is A Survivor Of The Khmer Rouge Essay

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I discovered a deep passion for traveling and rooting with locals and the country. I always knew my capability to learn languages notably fast, and having an interest for it, but I learned from the trip that I really have the disposition to absorb and connect with others. A specific lesson from the trip or better said, a quote that stuck with me was from Youk Chhang, director of Documentation Center of Cambodia, who said: Peace is a “one good night sleep and, then wake up with no fears.” I love this quote and I adopted as a true statement. Youk is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge and he witnessed the killing of his pregnant sister. Though he has not had a good night sleep in years, and the consideration of revenge is something that had always cross his mind, nonetheless, his mission is not to be soaked up by the rage and not possess the kind of peace he describes. The real reconciliation is when we use that fury to do something grander. In Youk’s case, he took his ferocity and is using it for his Sleuk Rith Institute project. His project is based on building an institute that will remember Cambodian’s heritage, values of justice, memory, healing, and reconciliation. His goal is to elevate the work of Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-CAM), to ensure that all are educated on crimes against humanity, reconciliation of spirit, following with the assurance that such atrocities never happens again.
The best metaphor that describes my whole travel experience regarding me: before…

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