Essay Peace Is A Society Free From Imperialism

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The idea of peace is an ever changing concept that is influenced by the society of the time. In early ideas of peace, some philosophers concluded that peace is whatever God wills it to be and other believed that because peace is not something that is natural to humans and therefor peace is unattainable. In a society in which violence is not only occurring on a daily basis but seems to also be accepted by the general public, it is hard to imagine a world peace is a priority. This becomes an even greater challenge when someone attempts to define peace. The concept of peace varies from person to person and even trying to define what peace is can lead to conflict. Although there is a multitude of opinions as to what peace is, to me, peace is a society free from imperialism. Imperialism is a system in which a single empire, state, or nation, extends their authority into surrounding countries or states often by force (Citation 1). Unfortunately, this system has been the root cause for a number of wars such as the first and Second World War and tends to advocate international discrimination and a sense of national superiority. Ironically enough, some early ideas of peace actually advocated for some sort of imperialism in claiming that peace is the will of God. Philosophers such as St Augustine of Hippo believed in natural law in which he defined as a set of laws derived from God (citation 2). However, this has been misinterpreted as an excuse to dominate other nations that do…

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