Peace Domestic Violence Agency Essay

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PEACE Domestic Violence Agency
HSM 270 - Program Summary
Axia – University of Phoenix
PEACE Domestic Violence Agency provides a variety of ways to improve the efficiency of domesticated issues, servicing victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence. Their central focus is derived from a strategic mission statement, consequential approach, which essentially regulates the business’ calculated goals.
Central Focus:
I.) Decrease victim suffering
II.) Restore victim independence
III.) Through direct care, advocate recovery.
Consequential Approach -
I.) Confront public beliefs and normality’s that perpetuate or condone violence in the community.
II.) Decrease the
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Phase III - Survey scale to supply assessment and feedback regarding projects for both participants and staff that will give comprehensive satisfaction
Phase IV - A number of ethnographic observations of activities will be utilized within projects, which will collect qualitative project information. This evaluation process will supply a base for comprehensive effectiveness within the program.
Phase V - Activity logs, attendance sheets, and encounter forms will be quantified documents of projects rendered and its utilization of services within a precise demographic location. Additionally, forming a PEACE casualty examination team will also be incorporated, which will consist of a physician, an internal psychologist, and a state social worker.

Documented and operation effectiveness will be forms to follow when predicting the measures of success within PEACE Domestics strategy plan.
The agency for PEACE Domestic Violence will ensure that all private information is stored in a computer and that only certain personal, such as the project director and the evaluation team would have clearance to such files. To abide by legal parameters, all the data evaluation is kept with the utmost confidential integrity. Additional identification cards will contain numerical codes which will ensure the safety requires.
Budgeting Status Report
PEACE will submit a Budgeting Status Report (supplied by The National Foundation’s

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