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The essay is based on a critical analysis on the interaction of HR and line managers, including the concept of HR business partnering, the integration of businesses and HR strategies, and integration of theories with practice using examples from organisations.
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HR managers are managers responsible for delivery of basic HRM services such as recruiting, hiring, training, organizational development, coaching, employee relation, communication, leadership, advice, salary and benefits, team building of staffs within an organization and also the well-being of people and relationship between management and employees (Susan, H,
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MacDonald ,L (2012) argued that in small businesses without a HR specialist the line managers can take up the responsibility of recruiting and management of staffs and in larger businesses in as much as there is a HR specialist or department to oversee the employee management policies and practices ,the line manager still plays a role in the implementation of HR initiatives, Mayhew, R.(2012) pointed out that the HR and line manager interact together to handle and execute certain activities such as department staffing, workforce strategy, performance management, and conflict management in the organization. the main reason both managers work together is because they have the interest of making sure the company stays successful , this helps the line manager become very effective in the tactical aspect of HR which giving the HR manager more time to focus and work on the strategic aspect of HR management (Mayhew, R,2012).

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