PCF assignment Essay

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Professional Capabilities Assignment

The Professional Capabilities Framework developed by the social work reform board and owned by The College of Social Work provides a structure to support the career development of every social worker: from initial social work education, through continuing professional development, towards the role of principal social worker. The framework provides criteria for career progression and opens new career pathways that will allow experienced workers to sustain engagement with the challenges and rewards of practice. Furthermore The PCF applies to all social workers in England (including independent social workers), in all roles and settings and so it is an essential
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It was from this experience that I learned of the importance of contributing and using case law to use as a framework in relation to rights. Understanding the effects of oppression discrimination and poverty was also a key part of my learning development in this area.
Knowledge is one of the main cornerstones of social work and is the basis in which all good practice derives from. I recognise that social work is a profession in which constant education is required I have therefore taken steps to ensure that I maintain a level of knowledge that is suitable for practice for example I make sure to keep update with the field generally this includes keeping an eye on related legislation changes such as the care bill currently going through parliament. More specifically I regularly have discussions with my cohort which enables me to see different points of view as well as consolidate my own knowledge. I also actively keep up to date with new publications of serious case reviews to learn from the recommendations made. . During class workshops I regularly apply my knowledge of theories and methods to case studies in order to learn more about my practice and improve my understanding. Furthermore having recently completed my lifespan observation I now believe I have a concrete understating in relation to the impact that social cultural and spiritual influences can have on human development and its importance when looking at a service users past experiences

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